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An exception to these general definitions is a graduation gown, which is worn over clothing. A woman might wear a dress under such a garment if she is planning to attend graduation celebrations after the ceremony. Usually, the outfit is flowing and oversized, and it is worn over other clothes, though a few graduates have tried to get away with wearing only the gown as part of a prank or bet. This may be cause for amusement but is considered inappropriate for the event of graduation from high school or college. (from:wisegeek.com)

Dresswe Reviews

Dresswe Reviews

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Dresswe Reviews for Maxi Dress


A maxi dress is a long, flowing dress that is nearly floor length. It often features tank top style or halter style straps, with a fitted top and a high waist. It a popular summer wardrobe staple, and often available in bright colors and fun patterns. Though it makes a great maternity outfit, because it is comfortable and slimming, it can be worn by any woman looking for a more loose, flowing look. In general, a maxi dress looks better on taller individuals because the long skirt can overwhelm shorter women. This can be helped by wearing the dress with heels rather than flats, which is a more common pairing with this style of dress. (from: wisegeek.com)


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All gowns are dresses, but not all dresses are gowns. In earlier English examples from the 16th century onward, the word “dress” referred to both men and women’s clothing ensembles. It might be modified by terms like evening, traveling, riding, and people can still see examples of this on invitations to certain events. An invitation might state that a function requires semi-formal dress or attire, for example. When an invitation states that the occasion is formal, women are expected to wear an evening gown.(from:wisegeek.org)

Dresswe Reviews for Prom Dress


A prom dress is what is typically worn by teenage girls in the United States on prom night. It is considered quite important and much thought goes into choosing one. The opportunity for a teenage girl to pick out her prom dress is usually thought of as one of the best parts of preparing for the night.

While some wait until the last minute to buy what they will be wearing, scores of girls start looking online and in stores and magazines many months in advance. This provides plenty of time to help ensure that they find the dress of their dreams and that it fits perfectly. (from :wisegeek.com)


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This style of dress is available in many different colors and designs, from basic solid colors to bright floral patterns. Prices range depending on the materials used to make the dress. Though the dress is very long, it should generally not cover the shoes, so it is a good idea to match them to the colors in the dress if possible. People generally wear flats with a maxi dress for everyday wear, but heels or wedges can also look nice, particularly for shorter women who can be dwarfed by such a long skirt. In general, a maxi dress is a great, versatile piece to add to a wardrobe. (from:wisegeek.com)

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Most cocktail dresses can be dressed up or down depending on which items they’re paired with. One of the benefits of these dresses is their appropriateness for both a professional environment in the daytime and a social outing in the evening. In the daytime, women might wear cocktail dresses paired with fitted jackets or cardigans, creating a conservative outfit suitable for an office environment. In the evening, the same dress could be worn to a lounge or club when paired with eye-catching accessories or the footwear most often worn with the frock, high heels. Boots can also be worn with a cocktail dress if they are fitted rather than loose or clunky.(from :wisegeek.com)

Dresswe Reviews for Summer Dress

Dresswe Reviews


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