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Although the cocktail dress is known for its versatility, there are certain types of dresses that are inherently formal or fancy and difficult to dress down. These are distinguishable by such features as sequins, satin, halter necks, bubble skirts, beading, and plunging necklines. There are also certain styles of dresses that might be too informal depending on the event, such as dresses with buttons down the front, jumper-style straps, or dresses worn layered over shirts.


Dresswe reviews—-What is a Dress Form?


dress form is a three-dimensional shape used for sewing or displaying clothing. Dressmakers use dress forms to work with garment pieces to construct a clothing item of a specific size, while fashion merchandisers or designers may display finished garments on a dress form rather than on a full-size mannequin. Mannequin dress forms differ from full-size mannequins in that they don’t have a head or limbs. Dress forms model a female figure from the neck to the top of the thighs and the form is attached to a wood or metal stand. The stand may feature small rollers for easy movement. (source from: wisegeek.com)

Dresswe Customer Reviews for Red Dress


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Dresswe Reviews for Circle Skirt

Dresswe Reviews

Circle skirts reached their height of popularity in the 1950s, and their classic flaring silhouette is an iconic image of fashion from that era. The skirt is named for its construction from a circular piece of fabric, with a cutout in the center for the waist. Classic photographs from the 1950s feature women sitting, viewed from above, with the full circle of their skirt spread out around them to showcase the design. Poodle skirts are one of the best known styles of the skirt, made from wool felt and decorated with appliqués, embroidery, and other embellishments. These skirts have remained popular both as vintage fashion apparel and as the inspiration for new fashion trends.

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