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Dresswe Reviews:

The trench coat was born of practical necessity, but has long been associated with fashion. It is currently one of fashion maven Tim Gunn’s ten required things that every woman must own. However, these coats are worn by both genders and were initially adapted for use by men during World War I, hence the name trench, which refers to the trenches used for military engagement during the war.

The typical trench coat, as first designed by Thomas Burberry, used gabardine fabric, and was water resistant. It was usually at least knee length and was only available to certain officers in the British and French armies, as optional wear. The coat was usually belted and many were lined with warm material like wool. They were a good alternative to wool serge coats, and could be slightly lighter in weight while still providing some protection against cold and/or rainy conditions.

Dresswe Reviews


Two-pieces prom dress is one of the most famous special occasion dresses this summer. It can bring you endless elegance and create a sexy look. It gives a feeling of softness and lightness if you are in this kind of expansion skirt.”If you get a beautiful dress like this, then you have everything. Close your eyes, take a step, there will be a crown on your head. It’s worth it.”Sara said.

Dresswe Reviews


We all know that selecting a perfect prom dress is a hard task for every girl. Natalia bought a lace floor length prom dress which not only can bear her noble and elegant temperament, but also makes her look like an angel live on earth.

“I am absolutely enchanted by this lace floor length prom dress, it is carefully sewn with the utmost precision. The dress is very elegant, it looks beautiful in the sun – it nicely shimmers, and also brilliantly presents in dance. It is perfect for prom or any other important celebration.” Said from Natalia.

Dresswe Reviews


Social activities are becoming more and more frequent recently. Forget about busy work of the day, put on a gorgeous cocktail dress from Dresswe, you will be the queen of the cocktail party. Natalia is a professional model from Poland, she often will have a chance to take part in some important parties. So she picked up a cheap cocktail dress from Dresswe.com, and she was shocked by the quality and price. “What a stunning cocktail dress! It is well-designed and create a striking appearance for me. Absolutely amazing, even the photographer has repeatedly praised.” Said from Natalia.

Dresswe Dress Reviews


It is traditionally a full-skirted gown reaching at least to the ankles, made of luxurious fabric, delicately and exotically trimmed. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with decollete necklines. “ In my mind that the price of the dress does not matter, it is all about the quality, and that you are comfortable when you wear it. This Dresswe Elegant Charming Halter Empire V-Neck A-Line Floor Length Prom Dress, the simple design is more convenient and comfortable to wear, breathable, elastic good. And the halter design is elegant and sexy.” Wendy said.



It is really sexy for a slim woman to show her shoulders,and printed dress is always in fashion front.Combination of both,will definitely make you become the focus of public attention.

“I think this is the perfect dress for a New Year’Eve party where the theme would be red carpet look,very fabulous and glam,it’s a stunning dress and i’m sure you will simply love it”Ruxandra recomended.