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Vintage Reflection

Emma's WindOw | via TumblrAnother 🐶This week I’ve been sick and off work with a horrid flu bug. It’s really messed me up and I was ill on my birthday 😦 BOO! Which meant missing afternoon tea with friends, it’s also halted my plans for a Valentines outfit post… But I could not let this flu get the better of me, for any longer. Here are some romantic and whimsical images I found across the internet. I hope they put you in a loving mood! Be sure to smile or say hi to a stranger today, you never know it might make their week! Share the love.flower crowns r perf xx❤️Backstreet's backlove  | via TumblrFeb 14decor💕burningFlowers crowns and music Cute puppyValentine's Day (for me) = reading a Jane Austen's book :)Click image to take you back to original source.
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Popoular 2015 Mermaid Appliques Court Train Evening Dress

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Vintage Reflection

amy_052amy_054amy_073I love this burgundy hat but boy is it cursed, the day I brought it (with Christmas stocking filler money) I showed Dave and there was a little pull in it and ever since its gotten even more pulls – I hate it when things like this happen! I’ve now come to terms with its scruffy-ness…
I also call this my wheres Wally (or Waldo 😉 ) look, what with the combination of the beanie hat and glasses.amy_060amy_071amy_042amy_057amy_055What I’m wearing –

Dress – Vintage

 Glasses c/o Scarlett of Soho

Jumper, Hat & Coat – Topshop

Shoes – Dr Martensamy_063amy_058amy_072amy_066Photos – Shooting Dave

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How to Wear Neon Colors


Neon colored clothes can be very tricky if we aren’t aware of some principles on how to wear and accessorize acid green, muted neon, pink or electric blue clothes. Indeed, the designers’ tendency to evoke the trends of the 80’s is surprising, however, many people welcomed it with excitement. Learn how to wear neon colors with the following fashion tips!
Neon colors are no longer considered a faux pas in fashion. Fashionphiles can experiment with the endless palette of colors during the season, creating real outfit masterpieces. Try neon colored accessories, clothes as well as nail art, but apply the following tips not to go OTT with the strong colors.neonrachelroy_thumbneons

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