Dresswe Customer Service.

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Customer service always play an important role in every company. When we have questions, we can check the information on the website at the first time to get some answer, such as FAQ(https://www.dresswe.com/help/). Secondly, we can also ask for some help from customer service to get help. Some of the customer may think that they cannot get in touch with our customer service. I am so sorry to tell you that we are in China. We may have time difference from you, so please read our office hours and contact us back in our office hour or you can simply send us an email. We will definitely reply you back with your issue or question.  Today, I would like to share our customer service contact information with all of you. You can contact us anything in any way you want:

Email: service@dresswe.com
Telephone: +86-29-68805070
Europe Phone:441224459798

Office Hours: Monday to Friday-9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (GMT +08:00)
Customer Service time
Day Shift : 9am – 18pm
Calling Center System: 18pm – 21pm
Night Shift: 21pm – 6am
Calling Center System: 6am – 9am
If no one answers the phone, please leave a message,and we will reply you within 24 hours.


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